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What is KikSpy?

KikSpy is an application that allows you to spy on Kik Messenger chats and contacts remotely.

KikSpy will stealthy collect all Kik chat messages and contacts of the target device and upload them to your Online User Area.

To see the extracted Kik messages and contacts just login to your Online User Area. By visiting your User Area you can monitor all Kik messages and contacts secretly, without anyone ever knowing about it. It is very easy!

KikSpy is a Kik Messenger Spying Application that works completely invisible.

Getting started

What is KikSpy? What can KikSpy be used for? How does KikSpy work? Is it really Free?

Online User Area

What is Online User Area? How can I view Kik chats? How can I view Kik contacts?


How is my data protected?


Do you provide support?